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WE DFW thanks below men and women for their fantastic support to our platform in the past:

Madhu Ahuja, Pallavi Ahluwalia, Ami Doshi, Samira Amlani, Archana Srivastava, Geeth Chettiar, Tanuja Reddy, Sandhya Padala, Sanjeetha Reddy, Uma Devireddy, Farrah Ahmed, Krishna Upadhyaya, Joysree Subramanian, Zarin Gillani, Rejina Chatterjee,Pranita Boga, Avani Reddy, Rajni Reddy Nalla, Vasudha Reddy, Kavitha Saggam, Jyothsna Kunduru, Sunita Rajmalani, Nirmita Shukla, Anu Benakatti, Anjali Desai

Shabnam Modgil, Seema Malik, Krishna Puttaparthi, Manohar Nimmagadda, Prasad Golkonda

Lynn Mortensen, Colleen Brinkman of NTFB, Mayor Laura Hill, Dr.Azam Anwar, Viren Balar

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Women entrepreneurs


Sudha Reddy: A Self-Employed 

independent SAP Consultant for 18+ years working with top industry leaders and with a Masters degree in Information Systems from EMU, MI.  A Social Entrepreneur & Avid Advocate for Women Advancement and Leadership.

Business owner cum TX Realtor.

Talent Hobbies include Motivating Women to pursue their passion, Public Speaking, writing Movie Scripts,  Website Development, Tech & Social Media integration, and Travel & Luxury Real Estate.

Sudha is very passionate and vocal in engaging, supporting, and empowering women and in channeling the positive spirit and collective energies from women of all walks of life.

Board of Directors

WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS DFW: A Texas Non Profit, 501(c)(3) Corporation